A letter of recommendation is used to endorse or suggest someone for a particular job or admission consideration (academics).  In the introductory part of the letter, you should state who you are endorsing and the post he/she is applying for. Establish the connection you have with who you are endorsing; state how you know and how long you’ve known the person. In the body, you should provide specific information about your endorsee: you should provide an overview of the person’s skills and abilities as related to what he/she is applying for. Then you give why he/she is most suitable. In the concluding part of the letter, state that you would gladly provide more information if need be and provide how the organisation can contact you.

Here is a template of a letter of recommendation, below:

(Your Address)



  (The recipient and his/her address)


(Salutation: eg. Dear Sir)



It is with great pleasure that I write to recommend (person’s name) for employment as (position) in (company’s name). (person’s name) was(relationship) at (where you knew the person) for (period of time).


(State what you know about the person in the course of your relationship).

(State the person’s skills and abilities and how he/she contributed to the former organisation).

(State why he/she is suitable for the job)


Undoubtedly, I confidently recommend (person’s name) to be employed as (position applied for) in (company’s name). I believe he (or she) would be of great benefit to your great company.

I would be glad to provide further information and expand on my recommendation if need be. You could contact email at (your contact: email or phone number). Thanks.

                                                                                                                                        (complimentary close)

                                                                                                                                         Yours faithfully,


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