What is a leave of absence letter
A Leave of absence letter is basically a letter submitted to your work place to request permission for a period of time off work. So many factors should be considered while writing a letter of leave of absence letter, such factors include the rules of the organisation as well as the time to be taken off work.it is usually important to inform your employer’s formerly through a written document before your leave can be approved especially when you are taking a medical leave of absence. You may also request a leave of absence for unavoidable incident or maternity leave .

Other types of leave of absence letters include
sick leave, vacation leave, maternity leave,paternity leave, family responsibility leave, mandatory leave.

Leave of Absence Letter Layout

It is important to note that leave of absence letters are written either for paid or unpaid leaves depending on your reasons and also on different policies in your organisation. In most cases employees that have spent a lot of time working for an organisation during a particular year are entitled to paid leaves , but it is important to know that some employers can grant paid leaves for personal reasons.

Before you write a leave of absence letter, it is important to have a genuine reason for requesting a leave from your company. You must also know how to plan right and use the right words for your leave of absence letter.you must be careful so as not to incur the wrath of your employer or create a backlash and you must not let your leave of absence alter your good standing at your workplace.

Things to note before writing a leave of absence letter

Writing a leave of absence letter can be a daunting task as you might have to put it into writing formally. But for some employers , requesting a leave of absence can be as simple as requesting for it verbally from your boss. but if your environment is very formal and you need to request some time off work you must follow the company policy.

Most times, each company and organisation usually have their own rules and guide as regards who is eligible to take a leave of absence. Hence, before you submit your request you must have an explanation at hand and make sure your reasons are well stated and justified. You must think up and appropriate approach and the right time to request your leave of absence.

Types of leave of absence letters
The most common type of leave of absence is usually medical or vacation leave your own reason maybe personal but typically different employers have a way of approving leave of absence letters.

Sick leave
Depending on the company policy, this type of leave is given to an employee annually and each employee is entitled to certain number of days of sick leave in a whole year, for example permanent employees are qualified for sick leaves.
Usually before this is granted some employers request medical certificates for verification of the illness and in some cases some employers may convert it to the monetary equivalent allotted to the employee.

Vacation leave
As stated above, vacation leave remains one of the most commonly requested leave of absence. it is the number of days usually allotted to an employee who have worked for a company for a certain amount of time in a year as long as the request is made before hand the supervisor or employer may approve the leave. Similar to sick leaves vacation leaves are counted each year however this type of leave of absence cannot be converted to cash at the end of the year.

Maternity leave
This type of leave of absence is also common it is usually granted to pregnant employees who are due for the number of month we now depend on the company policy and whether deliverythe number of month we now depend on the company policy and whether delivery be paid or unpaid. Usually there are government laws governing maternity leaves and it is compulsory to grant leave of absence to nursing mothers in order for them to rest recuperate and bond with their newborn baby.

Family responsibility leave
Sometimes companies provide the employees this type of leave of absence apart from the government mandated leaves, they are reserved for special circumstances which involve the employee to show up to carry out a certain responsibility within the family circle. Although not very common some companies can also grant paternity leaves and it is granted to fathers whose wife just gave birth and it is usually just a number of days or weeks.

Rehabilitation leave
Sometimes this leave is granted to employees who sustains one injury or disability in the line of duty. The employer we now examine the severity of the injury and grant such employee a rehabilitation period for him or her to recuperate.

Special leaves for women
You may be required to submit a leave of absence if you are a woman who have been a victim of one type of violence or the other and you are not able to take care of yourself. This type of leave can only be granted to female employees in an organisation. If there are medical procedures to be undergone by such women the company can grant a medical leave of absence also in cases of surgery.

Study leave
Some educationally inclined environment sponsor their employees to go for studies for a certain period of time. This is a common practice in schools and other academic institutions, it is usually called sabbatical leave. The purpose of granting this leave of absence is for them to get ahead and research new things which can be beneficial to the organisation in the long run.

What is an half pay leave
When some situations requires the employee to take some time off just for a few hours, he or she can request for an half pay leave. In this case the employee comes to work in the morning and leaves in the middle of the day or either the employee takes the money off and begins work midday till the end of working hours.

How to request a leave of absence from your place of work.

To be able to successfully request for time off work, you must be professional and have a very good approach.

Here are some tips to guide you.

The first thing you should do before you request leave of absence from work is to go through the policies of your company and know if you qualify for one or not. Also you must inform your employer in advance in order to allow him give you all the essential task to be accomplished before you leave or for them to arrange someone else to carry out your task while you are away.

one mistake you should not make is talking about your leave or your desire to take some time off work with other employees before getting an approval remember that gossip spreads like wildfire so it is paramount that you do not let your desire to take a leave get to your supervisor from a 3rd party.

Have it in mind that you will have to fill the leave of absence form before you can be granted permission to leave work depending on the company policy in this case you might not have to write a leave of absence letter.

Contents of leave of absence letter
start by giving your boss and ends up on your plans especially if you plan to go for a long time so that a temporary placement can be provided when you are away

Ensure that you are specific about the date. Include both the start date and end date of your leave and if possible estimate the operations and time it will take for you to leave and before you return.

Be transparent and tell the truth to your employer and mention the reasons why you are taking the live sincerely.You might not have to give all details on your leave of absence letter but ensures you touched the most important part

before putting together your letter make sure you confirm that you qualify to take such leave. Knowing that will help you determine the right kind of leave of absence letter to write.


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