How to Write Invitation Letters for Visas – Panel Interview

visa letter
visa letter

How to Write Invitation Letters for Visas

Invitation letters for visa purposes must contain certain basic information. It is your responsibility as the one inviting a guest to include the basic and needed information about the guest and the trip in the letter of invitation. It is suggested you include all the details on this list even though most consular and visa officers would not require every detail.

Information about the person being invited:

  •    Complete name as shown on their documents and International Passport. It is advisable to use CAPS for the surname for easy identification.
  •    Date of birth (This further identifies your guest)
  •    The person’s telephone number and address
  •    The relationship that exists between you and the guest
  •    The purpose of the trip (friendly visit, holiday, wedding, birthday party). Please note that invitation letters for business trips are different
  •    The duration of the intended visit (Use exact dates, e.g., from June 23, 2018, to December 23, 2018)
  •    Living expenses and Accommodation details. (hotel, your home, hostel, etc.)

Information about the person writing the letter:

  •    Complete name as shown in your immigration documents
  •    Date of birth
  •    Telephone number and Address (Place of residence and where your guest is being invited to)
  •    Occupation.
  •    Status in your host country (If you are on a student visa, work visa, a citizen, a permanent resident, or any other legal status).

Once you have all the above information at hand, you can then formulate everything into a single letter. Ensure you communicate effectively in the letter though there is no specific format for writing such.

Note that the letter must be written in the issuing country’s official language.

To whom do you address the Invitation Letter for Visa

Invitation letter for visa purposes can be addressed to the invited person, or the Consular Office, Visa Application Centre or Embassy. The letter is usually given to the guest to attach to their visa letter and documents. Regardless of whether you address the letter to the embassy or guest, you will still have to send it to the guest.


Informal or Formal Invitation Visa Letter?

If you are writing the letter to a friend, you can choose to make it informal or formal. However, ensure it is formal if you are writing to the Embassy or Consulate.

The method of Delivering the Letter of Invitation

Most embassies or consulates usually don’t a specify particular way of sending letters of invitation. Notarization of the letter is however required by some countries. This means you have to send the original copy to your guest. If it is Canada, USA or the United Kingdom, you can send a scanned copy of the invitation letter for the visa to your guest.

Is a Visa Invitation Letter really necessary?

Most countries would demand an invitation letter before issuing a visitor visa. However, many countries are no more insisting on an invitation letter before issuing visitor’s visa

Regardless, all countries would require documentation or proof of the purpose of the trip or visit and invitation letter is the only proof you have that can be readily accepted.



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