A personal letter may also be referred to as a informal letter usually addressed to friends, families and close relations. While writing a personal letter may seem totally strange in this age and time, there might still be a few reasons to find yourself writing one.

The idea of writing a personal letter has declined to become nonfunctional as no one values it anymore, no thanks to technology and social media,The most common forms of letter writing are usually related to business and academic purpose, unless you’re still in your eigth grade,no one really writes a personal letter for anything. But you see , personal letters shows without doubt that you genuinely love and respect the receiver. And for the writers it is more like an exercise for your writing muscles which involves thoughtfully penning down your thoughts in a polished writing.

Are personal letters informal letters?

As the name implies, personal letters are written to ,a friend,colleague,lover,close relativs nd people whom you know personally, it may be sent out via emails or just post it. The custom of writing personal letters has long been in extinct, but if there is any reason, you might which to revive this practise.

Different types of personal and informal letters

A personal letter might come in different forms including:

  • A love letter
  • Apology letter to your spouse
  • Letter to a pen pal
  • Fare well/good bye letters
  • Congratulatory letters
  • Condolence letters
  • Thank you letters
  • Holiday/Celebration letters

Template for writing an informal letter

The general rule for writing a personal letter is to write from your heart, but not withstanding it is important to organize your thoughts to build your goodwill in a positive and caring tone

Before you write any kind of letter at all , it is important to brainstorm and think your ideas through before putting it into writing,are there specific reasons for writing this letter? What are your goals aims and how would you like the writer to feel about the letter.You might want to pen down your ideas to avoid leaving anything out, how ever , if it’s just a hi,you might not need to do much planning.Planning is an integral part of personal letter writing as you can easily avoid bluffs ,spelling errors and unnecessary mistakes.Make a List :Yes, create a list of things to say in the body of the personal letter, this is to ensure organizing your thoughts for easy comprehension of the reader and this might be a challenge if you have a lot of things to say but you don’t have an ordered list.

Standard template and Personal Letter Layout

Learn how to write a personal letter using this sample template,it also includes all basic elements/contents of a personal letter:

Name and Address(Contact Info,right side)

You may start your personal letter by including your name and contact details at the top right corner of your paper.Your contact info. Should include your address,phone no followed by a date. It’s important to include contact details in personal letters to make replying easy for the receiver. This way ,he/she can write you back to this address.It should be noted that some writers preffer  putting the date right under the address,while so prefer left, well it’s a personal letter so anywhere fits for the date.

A personal letter address layout may be:

Salutation(left side)

Greeting your receiver formerly starts your personal letter, just as you’re starting a conversation. And the most common form of greeting may include, Dear friend,Hi + Name,Dearest + Name depending on relationship with the person, you may also make up your own. A personal letter salutation should align to the left, a line after the contact info. Followed by a comma.


This includes your opening paragragh after the salutation. It begins the main content of your letter. You may begin your body by strating from the top of your list.There are are no formalities for personal letter contents. But it is wise to reports events in order of importance,imagining the receiver is conversing with you using warm phhrases and slangs.Write about interesting things you came across from the last time you met.If you personal letter have specific purpose like congratulatory,Thank you good by,fair wells etc, write about how much you’d miss the recipient ,express your emtions hapiness or sadness depending on the motie of your letter.

Note that the body can have as many paragraphs as you like.


Wrap things up carefully, mention things you forgot in the body,acknowledge a good deed.You may request a call back reminding them of hw you’d love to hear back from them soon. You may also appreciate the reader for tking time to read you letter.Making enquiries about old friends and current state of things will also be a good way to conclude your personal letter.

Closing salutation

Just like the opening salutation aligned to the left, it is a custom to put a closing line at the foot of your letter usually at the right side



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