How to Write a Permission Letter

A permission letter refers to a letter that is written to seek consent for certain reasons. This letter is usually written formally and it is sent to a higher authority for approval. When writing permission letters, there are several types of permission letters such as

Request Letter

The request letter is written to engage the reader concerning the demands stated. A request letter can be written for various purposes such as a request for leave, request for business recommendations, request for increment or promotion and so on

Leave Request Letter

This is a type of permission letter that is written when a person seeks to go on a break from work.

Apart from the request letter, leave request letter, there are other types of permission letters that could be used for different purposes.

How to Write A Permission Letter

  1. Heading: When writing a permission letter, you are expected to include your contact details such as your name, address, email and your phone number, which can be used to contact you. Under it, include the name and contact information of the recipient. Remember to make good use of legible font.
  2. Salutation: After the heading, the salutation or greeting should follow. It is recommendable to use

‘Dear Mr., Mrs, or Ms.,’ which is usually followed by the name of the recipient.

  1. Opening Paragraph: An opening paragraph is necessary. Here you get to introduce yourself to the recipient whilst stating the reason for the letter.
  2. Body Paragraph: After the opening paragraph, the body paragraph gives you the privilege to state your request. The body paragraph allows you to expand on the request mentioned earlier.
  3. Concluding Paragraph: This paragraph is used to summarize your request and appreciate your recipient for reading your letter.
  4. Closing Salutation: After the concluding paragraph, it is important to end it with a proper closing salutation such as ‘Best Regards, Yours Faithfully’ etc.

When writing a permission letter, it is important to ensure that your permission letter conforms to the following;

  1. Your permission letter should be written formally
  2. Clearly and Concisely state the reason behind the permission letter
  3. Your letter should have a professional approach.
  4. If you have any supporting documents, ensure to attach it to your letter.
  5. After writing your letter, it is important to check for any grammatical or spelling mistakes.


The above steps are the ways to write a professional permission letter. It is important to proofread your letter before mailing it.


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