A character reference or a personal reference is a letter provided by someone who can attest for another person’s personality, behaviour, experience, skills and competence. More often than not, such letters are written by friends, family, partners, etc, not necessarily by employers. It is a recommendation provided by someone that knows you outside of work, more accurately an acquaintance. This letter should mostly focus on the interpersonal aspect of a person such as personality, attitude and character. Doing so shows that apart from job related factors such as experience and skill, a person also possesses good human relation attributes. Simple steps for writing a character reference letter will now be considered;
1. Include a background of yourself and your relationship to the person you are attesting for. This is to show that the two of you have had some sort of relationship in the past. It shows that you are actually in a proper position to vouch for the person in question. Basic information about yourself will be useful here. Also, you should express how dynamic the relationship you and the person in question have. This will go a long way to help the job candidate.
2. The second paragraph is where a detailed analysis of the job candidate’s personality will be done. Since you are vouching for the person, it is imperative that you do your best to properly discuss the applicant’s personality and attitude. This is important because the final outcome as to whether the letter is accepted or not depends on this part. It is important to do your best here so as to properly describe the person’s character in clear terms which will be vivid and easily comprehensible.
Another hugely vital aspect of this second step in writing a character reference letter is to keep a positive tone. A reference letter is not the right place to start weighing a person’s good traits against the bad ones. Rather, it is a place to emphasise all the good traits and show how and why they will be useful to the organisation/company.


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