Business opportunities always abound and it is imperative that every company/business owner should take good use of it. A business letter is one of the ways in which a person can effectively salvage such a golden opportunity. By way of definition, a business letter is one written from one company/client to another as it regards a particular business opening or opportunity. There are other letters of similar content and purpose such as; marketing letter, sales letter, proposal letter, etc. A proposal letter differs from a business letter because it serves as a call to action. While a business letter might be merely identifying a business opportunity, a proposal letter seeks to make all parties involved take such an opportunity. The structure of a proposal letter is slightly different from that of a business letter because it involves outlining all the terms involved, capital required, investment period, return on investment, etc. A proposal letter template more is made up of a salutation, an introduction, a body and a conclusion. It is noteworthy to state that a proposal letter template is not necessarily different from a business letter template.
Having given this brief introduction, it is only natural that the steps in writing a business plan are outlined below;
1. Create a standard introduction
The very first thing to do in this section is to outline the sender’s and receiver’s addresses. This should be done in the format of a formal letter. After that, the heading of the business letter should be created. This should be detailed yet not ambiguous. For the last part of this section, the business idea in focus should be introduced in clear terms. This will enable the receiver have a grasp of the letter.
2. Create the body of the letter
This is where the business plan can be convincing or otherwise. Here, all aspects of the business opportunity in focus should be considered. The capital outlay, expected duration of the business, return on capital invested, proposed mission and vision of the business etc. In other words, all the technical aspects of the business should be considered in details here. This section is very crucial and is in fact common to most official letters. Marketing letters, sales letters, proposal letters, etc must all pass through this stage if they are to be successful. This is the section to effectively sell the business idea to the receiver of the letter. A great body can lead to an excellent business letter which in turn can create a successful and fruitful business relationship. A poor body can lead to abysmal outcomes for all parties involved.
3. Conclude the letter
Here, final words, suggestion and opinions can be aired. This is the section bring the letter to a close, not abruptly but steadily. A professional conclusion can further build upon the body of the letter and lead to the acceptance of such a letter.


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