A business letter is a kind of formal communication between one organisation and another or an individual, an individual and an organisation, an organisation and their customers or clients or other external people. It is shaped by the kind of relationship that exists between the sender and the recipient (s). It might be written to order supplies, to solicit partnership or sponsorship, to appoint, to request for leave, to request information and to apologize for a professional flaw, among others. This kind of letter is highly professional in nature. The functions of this kind of letter make it necessary for its typologies. Thus, we would be explaining five types of business letter: Sponsorship Letter, Leave Letter, Job Offer Letter, Appointment Letter and Proposal Letter.


Sponsorship letter is mostly written by nonprofit organizations or other bodies to solicit assistance (often financial) from profit-making organizations or other wealthy individuals. This kind of letter is really important because it helps convince prospective sponsors that your event or programme is worth contributing to and helps raise funds for the requesting body. T his kind of letter is specific and goal-oriented. You must state what you seek from the prospective sponsors and what you are offering them.


This kind of letter is used to request for permission to be absent from work, school or other formal setting for a particular period of time. Your leave letter must be convincing and elaborately specific. You should state what you are requesting leave for, why you are requesting the leave and for what duration would the leave last.


This is a kind of formal communication sent by an employer to a candidate selected for employment. The purpose of this letter is to brief the candidate that he/she has been offered employment (for instance, as an editor, secretary, among others) in that particular organisation. The employer provides information about the job in this kind of letter. This information might include: job description, benefits, salary range, work schedule and many more.


This letter often follows the job offer letter. This is so because this is what binds the agreement between the employer and the employee. An appointment letter is regarded as “a legally binding document that confirms that an organization has offered a position to an employee and they have accepted the terms and agreement in exchange for a salary.”  It gives the employee full details about what the position in which they would hold and what the organisation expects from him or her.


In simple terms, a proposal letter is a formal document written to an organisation, a firm or company to convince them about why they should support your venture. In this kind of letter, you provide information about your venture, things that your venture has done. Also, state what you seek from the organisation and why you seek that support.



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